Fotohaus Bordeaux 2023

5 to 30 April 2023, from 14h to 18h30 and Saturday until 21h.
L’Hôtel de Ragueneau, FOTOHAUS Bordeaux, 71 rue du loup, Bordeaux

Invitation Fotohaus Bordeaux 2023. Collective exhibition ParisBerlin Fotohaus.
My series “Angels” is shown in excerpts.

Screen printing
Metropolis #4, Berlin – Alexanderplatz

Edition 2-color screenprint, edition of 50 pieces, size 70×100 cm on 300 g Fredrigoni, printed by Oliver Nerlich, Berlin, 2023

Pepper`s Photo Chat #10

Jens Pepper talks to Barbara Wolff about her life as a photographer in two German states. Berlin, April 2022.
Camera and production: Philip Dresmann
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